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ENGAGE® - Union President Features

Gain a top-down view of your entire union.

2-Way Officer/Member Communications

  • Increase communication with union members by using their preferred way of receiving important union information through social media, e-mail, two-way text messaging, and newsletters.
  • Develop dynamic communication distribution lists to send information to members to drive engagement.
  • Schedule specific dates and times to send out your communications.
  • Capture real-time survey feedback from members regarding important issues about your organization. Officers can analyze visual statistical information based on member responses.

Grievance and Discipline Tracking

  • UnionTrack ENGAGE provides a customizable solution to track your organization's grievance and discipline workflow process.
  • ENGAGE ensures that union officers can track and update grievance and discipline cases through to completion with actionable, real-time information.
  • Union members can only view the status of their grievance and or discipline case.

Track Upcoming Contract Expirations

  • UnionTrack ENGAGE is a flexible and configurable system that allows union officers access to upload and monitor contract expirations.
  • Administrators can configure system alerts for upcoming contract expirations, keeping you in front of the curve with collective-bargaining agreement negotiations.

Flexible Document Storage and Document Sharing

  • UnionTrack ENGAGE document management system is robust document storage with tagging capabilities that keep control of a wide variety of documents and can be shared with others.
  • Gather all the member information you need without the stress of looking through countless emails, folders, and piles of paper.
  • Files like applications, certifications and identification papers can be uploaded to the member's profile and easily accessed with just a few clicks.

Timely and Configurable System Alerts

  • UnionTrack ENGAGE can send out alerts via email and system notifications to union officers notifying them of upcoming and important action items.
  • Never miss a deadline when using UnionTrack ENGAGE configurable system for alerts.

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