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UnionTrack, Inc., is a privately held, veteran-owned, Maryland-based company specializing in next-generation member management and engagement software. UnionTrack's mission is to leverage the power of today's connected devices to provide the best configurable labor union management software package available today.

We have nearly 25 years of experience in application development and process enhancements working with trade and labor unions and membership-driven associations.

This knowledge has culminated in the development of the UnionTrack® ENGAGE platform which combines the best in software processes for member engagement, dues and per capita payments, bidirectional member communications, organizing, training, and grievance tracking - all in one single, modern, cloud-based platform.

We believe in the labor movement because we're union members ourselves, and we strive to unify the labor movement and protect workers' access to opportunity and prosperity.

All UnionTrack employees are proud members of IUOE Local 99.

IUOE Local 99

UnionTrack® ENGAGE Builds Connections Over Time

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Communicate. Connect. Collect.

How the 3 Cs Work for Unions

Communicate, Connect and Collect. We believe these three words are critical to a union's survival and are the keys to labor's growth. UnionTrack® ENGAGE gives labor leaders the tools to engage their members in a wide variety of ways, including email, SMS texts, online surveys and social media. Local officers and the International Union can now communicate directly with their members, creating a more connected union and a more unified base.


Your members want to hear from you, and they want to be heard, as well. This is how engagement builds over time. For the first time, UnionTrack® ENGAGE gives unions the ability to hold two-way conversations with their members in real time, so you know what your members are thinking. They then begin to amplify your messaging through social media and in one-on-one conversations with other members, their family and friends.


Two-way conversations make members feel more connected to the union. They become more active and committed, and are more likely to ENGAGE in advocacy, COPE, and organizing efforts. They know their union is looking out for them because they see it in real time. A more connected union makes for stronger collective action.


Use that connection with your members to collect their opinions through live surveys. Identify your up-and-coming leaders and recognize your most influential members by seeing who engages in which activities. And, of course, collect dues and recurring payments directly as insurance against anti-union "Right to Work" and "Paycheck Protection" legislation being pursued at the Federal, State and Local levels.


UnionTrack® ENGAGE Partners and API connections

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UnionTrack® ENGAGE Press Room


Communication Technology - A Guide for Union Leaders

  • Wed, 27 Oct 2021
    Our 2021 survey of 204 dues-paying members from 100 U.S. unions, conducted by Epic Presence, shows the importance of unions developing their communication strategies to effectively engage with their members.

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