Unify Your Union

Unify, \yü-nə-fī\

Jodi MemberJodi Member is about to embark upon a career as a new member of her local union. Jodi knows the union will take her through training and certification programs and connect her with employment opportunities. If Jodi moves, the union - and the union benefits - will follow as Jodi becomes a member of various local lodges. Jodi may decide to become involved in grassroots initiatives or ultimately become an officer. And Jodi knows at each step, the union will be there to help with career aspirations, but also to document and track progress along the way.

We believe a return to core union values and worker respect can restore prosperity and help solve many of the social and employment issues facing our country. By unifying union operations, we will give unions the freedom to devote their resources to improving the lives of working people.

Every union member has a story much like Jodi. Unfortunately, that story is often clouded because of the sheer number of systems a union uses to track a member's career. The more systems, the greater chance for error. And each error creates an alternate version of that member's story. We help unify your union through a single version of the truth, creating a more perfect union. We create a single point of entry for capturing member data, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry and multiple disparate systems. When unions are united from within, they will be able to focus more time and resources on member acquisition and retention.

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