Organize Your Union

Organize, \'or-gə-nīz\

Jose MemberJosé Member is counting on his union to attract other bright individuals like him in order to grow the union's membership and their ability to stand with him and his family for the future. At the same time, he expects his union will have the infrastructure necessary to keep his information - whether it concerns his certifications, his seniority, his health care or his pension - organized and easily accessible for both himself, his union and third-party providers.

Unifying operations through technology, we help unions reallocate resources toward organizing, training and advocating for working families.

UnionTrack uses a single database point of reference, allowing member records to be updated in a single location, regardless of a worker's employer or local affiliation. UnionTrack can further organize your data by directly exporting it to existing accounting and other business applications. With our single database, your staff can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time serving your members, thereby ensuring the future health and prosperity of the union and members like José.

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