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Labor Unions File Suit to Block Right-to-Work Law

05/25/2017 The Courier-Journal

Two labor groups on Thursday filed suit to strike down Kentucky's new right-to-work law.   Read More

Union accepts American Crystal Sugar contract to avoid labor lockout

05/19/2017Twin Cities Pioneer Press

The labor union for American Crystal Sugar Co. has accepted an offer from the company for a five-year labor contract.   Read More

Labor unions, environmentalists square off at Keystone XL pipeline hearing

05/03/2017 The Washington Times

As union workers extolled the virtues of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline at Wednesday's hearing before the Nebraska Public Service Commission, Jeanne Crumly grew exasperated.   Read More

Prominent Unions Back Acosta for Labor Secretary

02/23/2017 The Washington Free Beacon

Several major unions have endorsed Alexander Acosta, President Donald Trump's nominee to lead the Department of Labor.   Read More

Fight for $15 leader envisions stronger modern labor movement on horizon

01/11/2017 The NY Daily News

He's been hailed as one of the main architects of the Fight for $15 movement that helped hike hourly pay across the U.S. and started a national conversation on a minimum wage raise - but now union organizer David Rolf has an even more ambitious goal: reto   Read More

Trump's Infrastructure Spending Pledge Attracts Labor Union Support

01/11/2017 Inside Sources

President-elect Donald Trump and unions don't agree on much but his plan to invest in a robust national infrastructure program is one area they are finding common ground.   Read More

Unions Stake Out Positions in Battle for DNC Chair

12/21/2016 The American Prospect

Over the weekend, the contenders for Democratic National Committee chair headed to Austin, Texas, to make their case before a crowd of the Lone Star State's party faithful.   Read More

Public Service Workers Making the Holidays Happen

12/19/2016 The Huffington Post

This December, as we wrap presents in our homes, we probably won't notice the scrape of a snowplow blade as it hits pavement outside.   Read More

Unions stand on both sides at Standing Rock

12/15/2016 NW Labor Press

The standoff at North Dakota's Standing Rock Sioux Reservation - with Indian tribes and supporters on one side, and police and private security for the Dakota Access Pipeline on the other - also finds labor union members on both sides.   Read More

Will Trump Administration Bring The Death Of Organized Labor?

12/12/2016 The Ring of Fire Network

Donald Trump hates unions. Republicans hate unions. Corporations hate unions. But the reality is that American workers need union protections, and the next four years are going to be very difficult for organized labor as it struggles to survive in such a   Read More

Trump era confronts organized labor with gravest crisis in decades

12/09/2016 The Washington Post

President-elect Donald Trump's Twitter attack this week on a union official, followed by his choice of a labor secretary who has criticized new worker protections, has rattled leaders of the American labor movement, who fear unions may be facing their gra   Read More

Thousands of airport, fast food workers across US to strike for $15 minimum wage

11/21/2016 NY Daily News

Tens of thousands of airport and fast food workers across the U.S. will strike on Nov. 29 as part of a nationwide movement calling for a $15 an hour minimum wage and union rights, and protesting police killings and Donald Trump's "politics of divisiveness   Read More

Unions Must Make Organizing More Union Members The Highest Priority. NOW!

11/18/2016 The Concourse

As our nation slowly awakens from its Trump-induced coma, we begin to contemplate what the next four years will mean for our most important issues. For workers, and anyone who cares about inequality, the prospects are terrifying.   Read More

Things Are About to Get Really Ugly for the Labor Movement

11/16/2016 The American Prospect

The nation's union movement is suffering from collective whiplash. As the Rust Belt states fell late last Tuesday night, so too did labor's hopes for a Democratic president who had promised to lift up working people.   Read More

Unions investigate their poor showing for Clinton

11/15/2016 Politico

Organized labor is searching for answers after union households failed to turn out for Hillary Clinton despite a massive voter mobilization effort -- a sharp departure from decades of union support for Democratic presidential candidates   Read More

Unions brace for pro-business shift in labor policy under Trump

11/10/2016 Reuters

Unions in the United States face sweeping changes to labor law and regulations under a new Republican administration that is expected to tilt policy toward employers.   Read More

Unions Defeat Right-To-Work Amendment In Virginia

11/10/2016 Huffington Post

In a bit of good news for labor unions, Virginians voted down a ballot initiative Tuesday that would have enshrined the state's right-to-work status in the state constitution.   Read More

Philadelphia Transit Strike Over as Union Strikes Deal with SEPTA

11/07/2016 Time

Philadelphia's weeklong transit strike is over.   Read More

Strike shuts down Philly transit system a week from Election Day

11/01/2016 CNN

Philadelphia public transport workers went on strike just past midnight Monday -- raising concerns over voting problems with Election Day just a week away.   Read More

Southwest Flight Attendants Approve New Labor Contract

11/01/2016 The Wall Street Journal

A majority of Southwest Airlines Co.'s 14,500 flight attendants who cast ballots approved a new labor agreement on Monday, according to their union and the carrier.   Read More

DC Metro unions call a Safety Solidarity Surge

10/28/2016 WTOP

The unions representing thousands of Metro workers say that starting next week, they will ensure that all of their members will actually follow all of Metro's standard operating procedures, in part because workers do not always feel safe on the tracks.   Read More

Unhappy American pilots to push union switch after five decades


A group of American Airlines pilots is preparing a push to give up their 53-year-old independent union and join the larger Air Line Pilots Association, after peers at rival carriers secured tentative contracts with better pay and benefits.   Read More

PEF, Cuomo reach tentative labor contract

10/21/2016 Times Union

More than a year and a half after its most recent contract expired, New York's second-largest state worker's union has reached a tentative three-year labor agreement with the Cuomo administration.   Read More

Labor unions turning corner against Donald Trump

10/20/2016 The Washington Times

Some labor union members were initially intrigued by Donald Trump, but have gravitated back into the Democratic fold ahead of November's elections, with officials saying they are rallying to stop the billionaire businessman GOP nominee, even if they're no   Read More

Organize or Die. Workers who are not unionized are leaving money on the table.

10/20/2016 The Concourse

Realistically, there is only one way out of our predicament.   Read More

California's largest state worker union to vote on strike

10/20/2016 McClatchy DC

State government's largest union is edging closer to a strike.   Read More

Transit Workers Union Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

10/16/2016 Alternet

The Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) announced its endorsement of Senator Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign on Monday, after its executive board voted to endorse the Democratic Party candidate from Vermont. Larry Hanley, international union president,   Read More

New ways to modernize unions and make them more powerful!

10/12/2016 American Progress

American workers are not benefiting much from their contributions to their firms' profits and the country's economic growth.   Read More

The New Labor Movement: Solidarity Without Conformity

10/12/2016 The American Prospect

This isn't your father's labor movement. Back when my dad was a Cleveland bus driver and member of the Amalgamated Transit Union, Americans had a more common lived experience.   Read More

How Stronger Unions Could Fix Our Economy - And Our Politics

10/11/2016 Time

Labor reform could mean higher wages and less inequality   Read More

Bernie Sanders: Election about survival of middle class

10/06/2016 Detroit News

Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders urged hundreds of supporters at a union hall to focus not as much on the presidential battle between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump but on the survival of the American middle class.   Read More

Why Airline Labor Unions Support Hillary Clinton for President

10/01/2016 The Street

In the late 2000s, the Association of Flight Attendants was trying to expand the Federal Medical Leave Act, which requires large employers to offer unpaid leaves for reasons such as illness or care of a newborn, so that it would cover flight attendants.   Read More

United Airlines Mechanics to Vote on New Labor Agreement

09/30/2016 The Wall Street Journal

The union that represents 9,000 mechanics at United Continental Holdings Inc. said it signed off on the terms of a new tentative labor contract and intends to put it out to a membership vote in the coming weeks.   Read More

Electionomics: How Donald Trump's Union Busting Is Killing the American Dream in

09/29/2016 The Huffington Post

Union busting is never pretty. But in the case of Donald Trump, it's especially ugly.   Read More

Academic Organizing is Gaining Momentum and Innovation is the Big Winner

09/28/2016 The Huffington Post

On August 23, the National Labor Relations Board affirmed the rights of academic workers at private institutions to join unions in a case brought by Columbia University teaching and research assistants.   Read More

In The Dakota Access Pipeline Fight, The AFL-CIO Is Not The Enemy

09/28/2016The Huffington Post

Last week, the AFL-CIO came out in support of the Dakota Access Pipeline. For many climate advocates, such as myself, the news was disheartening.   Read More

Obama Appointee: Union Strikers Can Insult Anyone Except Women and Minorities

09/19/2016 Free Beacon

Federal labor law has long tolerated rough words in picket lines, but a federal judge once considered a prospective Obama Supreme Court appointee is asking regulators to crack down on "racial and misogynistic epithets."   Read More

LIU-Brooklyn Faculty Victory is a Win for Students and Working People

09/15/2016 Huffington Post

Some labor-management conflicts have long-lasting implications, both negative and positive, for the labor movement and American workers   Read More

In historic move, Gov. Jerry Brown expands overtime pay for California farmworke

09/14/2016 Los Angeles Times

Gov. Jerry Brown signed historic legislation Monday that would gradually add hundreds of thousands of California farmworkers to the ranks of those who are paid overtime after eight hours on the job or 40 hours in a single week, closing out one of the yea   Read More

PA State faculty authorize negotiating committee to call a strike

09/12/2016 Philly.com

An overwhelming majority of faculty in Pennsylvania's state university system voted to authorize their faculty union to call a strike when leadership deems one necessary, the union said Monday.   Read More

It's Game On for Grad Students After NLRB Rules They Can Unionize

09/12/2016 In These Times

December 5 fell on a Friday in 2014; in New York City, the air was crisp. At Columbia University, about 200 graduate student-workers pulled on hats and scarves to gather on the imposing steps of Low Library, which houses the university president's office.   Read More

Five Ways America Would Be Different Without Labor Unions

09/10/2016 AFL-CIO

we come together to thank all the American workers who built this great country-and to recognize the millions who wake up every morning to build us an even better future. There's one group that deserves a special thanks: America's labor unions.   Read More

Chicago Teacher's Union sets dates for 2nd strike authorization vote

09/09/2016 The Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Teachers Union on Wednesday set dates for a second strike authorization vote later this month.   Read More

How Much Will the War On Unions Cost You This Labor Day?

09/05/2016 Common Dreams

The decline of unions has probably cost you, or someone close to you, thousands of dollars since last Labor Day.   Read More

Tracing the origins of an early labor union's NYC history

09/02/2016 NY Curbed

New York City is considered a beacon of the Labor movement, so with Labor Day fast approaching, it seems fitting to feature an influential institution that was assembled to protect the basic rights and ensure the safety of its workers.   Read More

As Union Membership Declines, Organized Labor Focuses on Nonunion Workers

08/30/2016 The American Prospect

In an election season dominated by populist appeals, globalization and trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership have come under fire for offshoring the manufacturing jobs that helped create a healthy American middle class.   Read More

Labor Unions, Not Anti-Immigrant Attacks, Drive Latino Voting

08/30/2016 Beyond Chron

An August 27, 2016 NY Times article on Latino voting echoes a common but wrong explanation for Latino voting patterns   Read More

Working With CGI To Fix America, Build The Future

08/29/2016 Huffington Post

After World War II, Americans rose from the ashes of the Great Depression together. We grew a thriving middle class and a strong labor movement. We expanded our infrastructure, connected communities and gave our vets a chance to go to college and   Read More

Overdue pay raises are coming to union airline employees

08/26/2016 Money.com

Pilots and ground crews at the major U.S. airlines are winning huge raises and have locked in more hikes in the years to come.   Read More

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