Complete Documentation of Member Training

Union Training is Quality Training

Track a lifetime of training and certifications

trainingYou know your members are the best trained in the industry. It's vital that you keep track of the wide variety of skills, knowledge and certifications accumulated by today's building trades members. That's where the UnionTrack® Training Management Module comes in. We have nearly a decade of experience providing training management solutions in support of Building Trades International Unions and their locals. We have identified the challenges associated with maintaining an accurate, real-time and proactive training system. In order to overcome those challenges, we have worked directly with organizations like yours to develop the UnionTrack® Training Management Module.

We understand that training occurs at many levels throughout your union. Whether formal pre-apprentice training programs, apprenticeships involving both on-the-job and classroom training, journeymen certifications, safety training, local officer training programs or hands-on training events, you need to track it all. And you need this comprehensive training and certification history to move with your members as they progress through their careers - ?from the day they join to the day they retire.

Information at Your Fingertips

That's why the application framework for the UnionTrack® Training Management Module was designed from the ground-up to work specifically with trade and labor reporting requirements. Be it local, state or federal statutory reporting, contractor, jobsite, or trade-specific requirements, they all need to be addressed.  And you know how time-consuming that can be.

Imagine a single, distributed application containing a lifetime of training history for your entire organization that is instantly accessible - anywhere, anytime, by any authorized user.

Imagine all users, from international headquarters' staff to remote local offices, even members, tying into a central, secure database from anywhere in the world.

Deep Experience

The UnionTrack® Training Management Module is currently deployed and running various trade and labor apprenticeship programs, providing key membership training data for decision making, pumping out reports to the Department of Labor and helping to manage the day-to-day training operations of large unions.

If you think your requirements are unique, you're probably right. However, because the the UnionTrack® Training Management Module is so flexible, it can be quickly customized to suit your organization's specific reporting needs.

A Lifetime of Training

The UnionTrack® Training Management Module is a trade union-focused application that is the perfect complement to your growing apprentice training operations. UnionTrack staff will thoroughly analyze your trade and labor training program to determine the optimum configuration for success.

As new needs arise and new training requirements must be met, the UnionTrack® Training Management Module grows with your organization simply by activating additional features.

Your members invest their entire career in the skills they acquire through their relationship with the Union. Each member's lifetime of training and certification is recorded and managed through a single common interface. This is the core of the application, the Learning Management System, or LMS. Here you not only track who is being trained, but also who is giving the training, as well as identifying members qualified to teach other members.

Manage Training Events

Training takes many forms. Sometimes these are large, highly organized training events that must be managed. That's where the Training Event Manager takes over. The Training Event Manager allows training facilities, classroom resources, attendees and event staff to be managed from a single comprehensive interface, reducing the overhead and complications that can arise in coordinating these complex events. You can even track and coordinate individual travel itineraries for centralized events.

Track Training Time and Attendance

Instructors and administrators spend a great deal of time keeping track of trainees and their certifications. The UnionTrack® Training Management Module tracks topic attendance and time for both formal classroom and on-the-job (OTJ) training. This process is streamlined to let instructors focus more on actual training and less on time-consuming administrative tasks.

Easy to Use

Because The UnionTrack® Training Management Module was built following the latest Microsoft graphical user interface (GUI) guidelines; the interface is comfortable and intuitive, thus reducing the overall learning curve across your organization. The UnionTrack® Training Management Module was created to work seamlessly with your existing Microsoft Office suite so users can continue to leverage the tools they already know.

Meet Today's Demands

Paper and pencil used to be good enough, but today's building trades environment is more demanding than ever. Now you can face those demands head on.

UnionTrack Training Management Module Functionality

UnionTrack also offers a variety of methods to access member training and certification information online via mobile devices. These "in-field" solutions help contractors verify that they have workers with the required training onsite at a moment's notice.

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