Grievance Management

Managing grievances with different timelines for different bargaining units across multiple collective bargaining agreements has become a time consuming, expensive, nearly unmanageable process. UnionTrack's Grievance and Discipline module is here to help.

Because UnionTrack is specifically designed to help unions better serve the individual member, we built the grievance tracking system to address the challenges encountered in unions, both large and small. Our Grievance and Discipline module allows union leadership, business agents and shop stewards to:

Open and Flexible Grievance Configuration:

Create unique grievance procedures that match your CBAs

grievance management softwareThe UnionTrack Grievance Management module was developed to allow any union the ability to define specific grievance procedures and timelines according to the details in their negotiated CBAs. This level of configuration allows unions to create and track all grievance and discipline activities at the bargaining agreement level.

Grievance Dashboard

A complete history of grievance and discipline actions at your fingertips:

With custom grievance process steps defined in advance, union staff are better able to proactively manage and track grievance claims. Alerts, task lists and communications are all automated, ensuring deadlines are met and claims don't lapse.

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